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A Splendid Truth

You now that snappy comeback that you think of an hour after it would have been useful? Forget it. You don’t need it. See the following:

Individual with boundary problems: How did you lose so much weight? And so quickly?

Snarky voice in my head: I have cancer/AIDS/anorexia/PTSD (only that last one is true, but any or all of them would make my point, which is that weight loss is not always desirable).

Me, actually verbalizing: I’d rather not discuss it.

That actually ended the conversation. It’s amazing what a little honesty, judiciously applied, can do. Both answers - “I have PTSD” and “I’d rather not discuss it” are honest. But there’s no need to be cruel to well meaning idiots.

Art and Science Lab: Slut Walk NYC: A Social Scientific Affair


Yesterday, before the chaos of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the Brooklyn Bridge arrests, a smaller (yet equally important) protest was happening in Union Square: SlutWalk NYC.

Protesters gathered in the square at 11 a.m. to prepare their signs and groups for the walk around a small…

Excerpt my Mermaid Lagoon talk #BP #waterkeeper

It is not for me, a mermaid, to understand human minds. Were those who ran the Deepwater Horizon lazy, stupid, or greedy? I do not know. But I do know that equipment that should be inspected every 3 to 5 years had not been inspected for 10 years. Men did not know which lifeboat was theirs in case of emergency. Those who worked on the rig reported seeing unsafe conditions frequently. The mayday call was sent too late. The well failed a safety test, but was reported to have passed it. So do not think for a minute that this was a natural disaster, or an act of a vengeful god.

The act of a god came later, when King Poseidon, lord of the sea and its inhabitants, shifted currents away from sure, protecting the hard working fishermen who have nothing but love and respect for the ocean. The warmth of the waters encouraged the oil to break down.

2nd Annual Mermaid Lagoon Ocean Benefit at The Red Lotus Room:
tix: https://www.brownpapertick​

It has happened before, and it will happen again:

Once upon a time, in a blue lagoon not so far from New York City, there lived a village full of beautiful Mermaids. Famous for their dangerous beauty & bewitching talents, these mermaids were known the world over for their charms and songs used for luring sailors to their doom beneath the waves. Legend tells that for one night in the deep of summer their lagoon is safe for mortal travelers. They ask only that you make an offering to The Sea, and dance with them. The Second Annual Mermaid Lagoon will be held at The Red Lotus Room on Saturday, July 23rd, and will be an even bigger, brighter, and more abundant treasure haul for Mamma Ocean than last year.  The Mermaids will again be sending money to the still-oil-slicked Gulf of Mexico, which is in dire need of our help one year after the spill. 100 percent of the proceeds from the evening will go to The Waterkeeper Alliance, and their campaign focused on restoring the Gulf Of Mexico and the communities that rely in it. Join the ocean’s most alluring mermaids and sea creatures for a night of music, aerial & fire performance, dancing, and revelry in a Lagoon of lights & rhythms. Performances by Kai Altair, Kae Burke, Dame Darcy, Bambi The Mermaid, Anya Sapozhnikova, Christine Geiger, Debra ‘Dr. Mermaid’ Tillinger, and more!  Music by Joro Boro & Joey Nova.  Visuals by VJ Masha. Bio Luminescent Sea Life Installations by Greg Skolozdra in a Nighttime Lagoon of Live Mermaids!  ALL AGES!!  (Red Lotus Room: 893 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, Saturday July 23 9PM- 3AM, $20/$25)

Mermaid Treasure Raffle Prizes: DONATE NOW:

One of a Kind Mermaid Necklace by Sarah Sparkles
90 minute Tarot reading with Kai Altair
Mermaid Mask by Stephan Keating
1 Hour Massage by Kathy Queen (NYC only)
Private aerial silks class with Anya Sapozhnikova (NYC only)
Award winning 8X10 ocean prints by oceanographer Debra Tillinger
3 Signed Copies of ‘Lost Voices’ a mermaid novel by Sarah Porter
Gift pack from Lola Star’s shop at Coney Island
Autographed poster from ‘The Wonderneath’

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